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Berlin. 1985. The city is at the heart of a cold war. Yes, the one you're thinking of. But also something else, something hidden. A secret war between forces invisible to humans – an invisibility largely metaphorical, but sometimes literal. Its battles are raging within the split seconds between disco strobe lights, in the unmarked back rooms of run down bars, in dark alleys between concrete and barbed wire. 

Two inhuman armies battle for supremacy not only over Berlin, but over humanity. On the one side, The Saltpetre Choir sings of iron and smoke, angels who were all too happy to trade their flaming swords for cold steel and gunpowder. On their opposite, The Malbolge XIII decided to introduce the entire 8th circle of Hell to 1980s East Germany, their demons’ trademarks not fire and brimstone but muzzle flare and whispered doom. However, make no mistake, even though one side bears the names of Heaven and the other the mark of demons, both of these shadowy organizations want nothing more than to crush human souls to fuel their never ending war. There are no good guys here. Only lies, and death.

But the city fights back. That's where you come in. You are an Aspect – an idea made flesh by the divine will of the city itself. And you are here to bring order to a hidden war, to cool heated temperaments. Sometimes with words, often without. You might look like a regular human to the uninitiated, but you all bear the mark of the city. Your blood is concrete, your eyes glow neon, and your fury brings down walls. 

Now go. Protect Berlin.

[NOTE: This is the initial ashcan release of the game. It's fully complete and has some basic layout as well. Do keep an eye out though for the upcoming FULL LAYOUT RELEASE!!]

[BONUS NOTE: BXRLIN was designed with BXLLET in mind, but the rules, archetypes and details in this module can also be used completely standalone or in conjunction with other systems.]


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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